international qoros

qoros automotive co. ltd. was founded in 2007. while the headquarters and auto research institutes of qoros are situated in shanghai, china. its design centers are respectively located in munich, germany and shanghai, china.

powerful management team

qoros auto introduce the top international and professional management group, including kazuo yajima, former renault-nissan alliance global director of ev and hev engineering as its ceo, who has joined automobile industry more than 30 years, and coo nagahara oki, former renault-nissan alliance's global director of vehicle connectivity technology strategy, and cto toshiro hirai, the former infiniti's head of entire vehicle lineup development.

baoneng becomes controlling shareholder of qoros

from "made in china" to "intelligently made in china ", baoneng group have in-depth layout of advanced manufacturing driven by forward-looking research and technological innovation, forming a manufacturing industry mainly in the sector such as automotive, new energy, new materials, environmental protection, and precision manufacturing, and strive to build a first-class national brand.

international team

qoros motors has a professional, efficient, pragmatic, passionate and creative international team of production, supply, sales and research, which comprehensively promotes "lean management" and "craftsman spirit", and continuously improves the enterprise's international level, technical research and development ability, system construction ability and management ability.

global deployment

the headquarter and automotive research institute of qoros motors are located in shanghai, china, one of the international financial centers, and the design centers are respectively located in munich, germany and shanghai, china

in changshu, jiangsu, qoros motors has an advanced, efficient and environmentally friendly world-class production base with an initial capacity of 150,000 units per year and a maximum capacity of 300,000 units per year.

international products

at present, there are 8 types of products under qoros automotive, including qoros 3 sedan, qoros 3 5-door version, qoros 3 urban suv, qoros 5 suv, qoros 3 gt, qoros 5s, qoros 5s night elf hero version and qoros 7. its five core pillars are: meticulous technology with international quality, unique design language, industry-leading intelligent interconnection, accurate and stable performance and innovative customer experience.

·the first mass production car, qoros 3, was launched at the end of november 2013

·the second mass production model, qoros 3 5-door version, was launched at the end of june 2014

·the third mass production model, qoros 3 urban suv 1.6t, was launched in december 2014

·the fourth mass production vehicle, qoros 5 suv, was launched in march 2016

·the fifth mass production model, qoros 3 gt, was launched in november 2016

·the sixth mass production model, qoros 5s, will be launched in september 2019

·the seventh mass production model, qoros 5s night elf hero, was launched in november 2019

·the eighth mass production model, qoros 7, was launched in august 2020

in addition, qoros 2 suv plug-in hybrid concept car, qoros 5 suv q·lectriq, qoros 3 q · lectriq pure electric concept, the world's first running qamfree engine engineering test vehicle, mile i, mile ii, milestone, etc. have also been ceremoniously unveiled. in the future, qoros automotive will further enrich its product line, including new energy vehicles or entering new market segments, so as to continuously present its unique product and brand advantages to consumers.