qoros quality ingenuity work

qoros have been applying international standard since its establishment.

quality is not only the exquisite manufacturing technology, but also the requirements of every process, with no compromise.

for qoros, quality represents our attitude and expresses our confidence.quality is reflected in each and every detail of our work.

quality test

qoros sets up a thousand-person automobile research institute whose business covers the traditional basic automobile area including vehicle composing, performance, development, design, a series of industry majors (car body, exterior and interiors, electronic appliances, chassis and power) , system development, trial production test and application of new technology. meanwhile, we also have the ability to develop new products such as new energy, intelligent network and information technology.

in the future, we will set up a research and development base covering an area of 400 acres in kunshan, jiangsu province, to build products leading the future market for qoros ,integrating the industry into a new era of automotive ecology, and lay a solid foundation of system, technology and platform.

by october 2018, we had applied for over 800 patents, of which nearly 80 were inventions.

qoros research institute has research and development system for new energy power system integration and key components, with leading industrial development capacity and perfect development process. we have also established a forward research and development system for motor control and on-board power products, and mastered the core battery technology.


qoros has an international design team, whose members come from china, the united kingdom, france, south korea and other countries. all of the members have rich experience in the automotive industry.

qoros has won a number of major international awards for its outstanding design: the german brand award, the automotive brand contest, the red dot design award, and the german design award.

qoros' vehicle design complies with the philosophy of timeless, complies with european elegant design style, and pays more attention to proportion control, combines aesthetic posture with dynamic power,and neither follows fashion excessively nor lags behind times.

every detail of the design has gone through countless adjustments and improvements, which would lead the product through the challenge of time.

we have integrated hockey, the three elements, circle and oval design elements to make the product more powerful and dynamic.


the qsss car body of qoros shares the most advanced design concept and multi-directional connection, using high yield strength and high tensile strength hot formed steel. meanwhile, among other auto mobile brands in china, qoros uses the most quantity of such type of steel.

the yield strength of the steel can reach more than 1200mpa, the tensile strength is more than 1000mpa, forming a reasonable overall structure. the car body could minimize the external damage and impact if encountered with accidents.

secondly, hot forming high strength steel can greatly reduce the weight of the car body while making sure that the car body is firm in structure and meanwhile effectively improve the power, reduce fuel consumption and environmental pollution.

our cars are equipped with 360-degree airbag and seat belt control system, which can effectively dissolve the impact and protect every passenger.

beyond many luxury car brands, qoros is the "first" five-star brand in the chinese crash test and the holder of the "highest score" for a chinese brand in the european crash test.

air quality

it is qoros' mission to create a harmonious driving environment and protect the health of the driver and passengers.

qoros has always believed that air quality is of vital importance since the beginning of its construction. we adopted european environmental standards and materials, and tried our best to create cars that are able to provide a suitable environment even for pregnant women. as a result, qoros's air quality is far better than that of its peers, and even better than many other luxury models.

as the first chinese brand to participate in the c-eacp rating, qoros had passed many strict tests and had won the gold medal.only 1.6% of the brands in china could reach such a level.odor concentration eliminated - the actual measurement data fully proved that the content of benzene in qoros is far lower than the national standard, the content of xylene is only 1/150 of the national standard, and the content of formaldehyde that consumers are most concerned about is only 1/5 of the national standard.

banma smart traveling

qoros has developed a smart vehicle network system through in-depth cooperation with banma network, which adopted personalized forward-looking technology, has a high performance hardware architecture, a smooth operating system and high speed network communication.the functions include remote vehicle control, ota wireless upgrade, ai intelligent information push, intelligent hardware connection and one-button sharing, natural voice recognition interaction, intelligent travel entertainment, personalized big data navigation, group communication and other service functions.

it can be considered as a most considerate steward, to meet your various needs, opening a new era of smart car.

the system is equipped with a 10-inch high-definition central control screen, multi-touch multi-touch control technology and fully fitted reflector technology to display more information, making the system faster and easier to read.


1.6 t  turbocharged engine, in accordance with euro-6 emission standard with surging power.the turbocharging technology allows the engine to reach its maximum torque peak in the usual speed range, satisfying the driver's demand for power.

variable valve timing technology

the engine adjusts the valve opening and closing time through electronic control elements, so that the timing is always at the best time, further improving the work efficiency and dynamic performance, and decreasing the engine emissions.

lightweight high strength piston

we adopted german mahle piston, which is light in weight but high in strength, resulting in excellent engine performance and durability.smooth and efficient dual-clutch structure that can release engine potential.when the gearbox hangs into first gear, the second gear is already engaged, when the time comes to shift gear, the electronic control device quickly switches the second gear to work directly, achieving immediate gear shift.

engine efficiency and power performance are further improved, while engine emissions are reduced.


the interior space of qoros is comfortable and spacious, using simple form and high-style design to reduce time pressure and effectively improve driver's sense of comfort.

the variable displacement compressor is used in the car to keep the temperature of the outlet constant, which can reduce energy consumption and save energy while reducing noise and improving comfort.

the leather seats of qoros are ergonomically designed. the front seats are equipped with heating function, and the driver's seat has multiple memory functions, bringing exclusive comfort and experience to the driver.we adopted a  all-direction  noise reduction system to  effectively suppress engine, transmission and other internal noise and vibration, and isolating away the wind noise and tire noise to create a quiet interior space.


master conditioning german standards no compromise to the cost, making chassis of qoros comparable to luxury brands.

our requirement for chassis is comparable to luxury brands. the chassis strictly follows german controlling standards and was developed with the help of magna and adjusted carefully by european luxury brand professional team, using lvc low-frequency segmented control shock absorber, holding type structure stabilizer bar bushing,

high performance spring and finally made it possible to be considerate both in sport and comfort, to provide you with extraordinary driving experience.


qoros products are equipped with the horse brand tires known for their all-weather safety and reliability, low noise and strong self-cleaning.

the tire has extremely high instantaneous overload capacity, sensitive control response ability and bend stability, excellent braking performance on dry and wet ground, higher drainage protection ability. it is also the only road tire that is permitted to drive at 360 km/h in the world, according to the guinness book of records.

main activities of quality management system and third party certification

  • continuously improve quality system

  • quality system internal audit

  • continuous improvement of nonconformities

  • document control management

  • system related training

  • system-related external audit

the first in 2013

iso 9001:2008

iso 9001:2008

european type certification - material recovery and reuse

the first in 2013

european type certification - initial plant audit

the first in 2013

qoros accessed by mitt

the first in 2013

ccc certification

the first in 2015

environmental mark certification

the first in 2017

iso 9001:2015

the first in 2018

iatf 16949:2016

qoros automobile manufacturing base in changshu covers an area of 715,000 square meters, with an annual planned capacity of 150,000 vehicles and a maximum capacity of 300,000 vehicles.in order to explore the high-end road of chinese brands,

and make sure that the products meet the international first-class standards, qoros manufacturing base  in changshu adopts industry-leading production equipment and testing system, which can be compared with the major luxury brands.

qoros has started the construction of kunshan production base, which will cover an area of 3,000 mu, with the first phase of the project covering more than 1,200 mu to be put into production in september 2020.

the welding workshop

welding joints are 20% more, the qualification rate of key welding joints is 0.3% higher than the general standard of the industry, and the quality is not only "superior". he that would do well in his work must first sharpen his tools.qoros's welding technology adopts industry-leading intermediate frequency robot,

doctor welding controller, hamsmund welding controller, nimak all-in-one welding gun, etc. the technical standard is 10%-15% higher than that of the same level, and the number of welding joints is 20% higher than that of the same level.

more welds mean more safety guarantees for the car body, plus the use of ultra-high strength steel in many parts of the vehicle, and the use of dual anti-collision beams, qoros products not only ensure the safety of the occupants, but also the safety of pedestrians.

the coating workshop

in order to make the color more dazzling and smooth, qoros has partnered with international paint giant ppg and managed to divide the paint into two layers using b1:b2 technology. we do not talk about millimeters but about micro meters, since any error of 2 microns would lead to negative effect.

we adhere to the concept of green and sustainable production. the coating workshop wastewater had achieved zero nitrogen and phosphorus emissions. ,all the treated water can be recycled through physiochemical treatment, biochemical treatment, membrane treatment and three-effect evaporation process.

the film pretreatment technology and dry spray room of the coating workshop won the surcar environmental protection award in the international automobile coating seminar.we set up dozens of inspections only to ensure the best quality. while most manufacturers are still using the traditional phosphating process (micron scale), qoros has begun to use the industry's leading edge membrane preprocessing (henkel ectalis nanoceramics technology) to provide products with finer nanoscale care.the second process is electrophoresis. the pre-processing electrophoresis machine used by qoros is different from others. it adopts the j-flex system, which is modular and can rotate flexibly to make the body turn over 360 degrees.

the assembly workshop

in the assembly workshop of qoros, an error in screw or program torque could lead to sever stagnation of the production line.

in order to ensure accurate installation of each part, the whole assembly workshop is equipped with 17 stations and 9 quality doors for inspection.

in every workshop of qoros coating and welding, there are several strict quality inspection procedures to ensure that the products are 100% free of quality problems.

every part of qoros vehicle is recorded in the computer until the product is scrapped. therefore, every quality point of qoros can be accurately tracked, and the precise execution is far higher than the industry level and national requirements.

qoros final assembly workshop adopts the t-shaped layout, which is more efficient than the u-shaped or l-shaped layout of general manufacturers.in the factory, every detail of production represents qoros' ultimate pursuit of high-quality products for consumers.


"elk test" is an important international standard to measure vehicle safety performance, which tests the response ability of vehicles to avoid obstacles. the good and bad of elk test results also reflect the good and bad of a car's safety driving and control quality at high speed.

in october 2018, qoros 5 suv was "elk tested" at beijing badaling airport, and achieved an excellent result of 81km/h in accordance with the iso-3888 international test standard, creating the technical label of "china good chassis" for qoros, making the outstanding stability, risk avoidance and active safety the most distinctive brand gene of qoros.

qoros follows a complete international test system to design products for robustness and verify their reliability. the test sites span four continents (europe, asia, oceania and africa).

the highest altitude is 4767m, the highest temperature is 45℃, and the lowest temperature is -35℃. the total mileage reaches 2 million kilometers, which can circle the earth 50 times.

due to the persistence of product quality, qoros has made many outstanding achievements since the first product was launched.

  • european five-star safety collision score in september, 2013.

  • red dot design award in february, 2015.

  • five star plus rating for china's safety crash test in april, 2015.

  • in-car air quality gold rating in march, 2016.

these outstanding achievements not only practice the "customer first" philosophy that qoros always adheres to, but also set a new standard of quality power in the industry.