with the world debut of milestone concept car, qoros unveiled its brand new technology and products at auto china 2020

2020-09-26latest news

on september 26, 2020, the 16th beijing international automobile exhibition officially opened, and qoros made a momentous appearance with its brand new technology and product lineup.

milestone, qoros' new concept car, made its debut worldwide, featuring a product matrix of qoros 7 (an ark suv) and qoros 5s (a high-powered driving suv).meantime, qoros also exhibited for the first time the xev platform, which represents the future direction of development.

at auto china 2020, qoros has presented its brand new image with new design, product power and technology strength.

with the world debut of milestone concept car, design power is leading the future

the world debut of milestone concept car at auto china 2020 has perfectly illustrated the design language of qoros' qubic aesthetics and future design trends.

taking the family language of qubic aesthetics as the core of design, milestone is bold and sophisticated, and creates new natures in a prospective design approach of [coded nature].this design is inspired by qoros' insights into emerging trends in digital, architectural and fashion design.by combining these elements, a new artistic vision can be developed, so that multi-cultures are created together in the same fantasy space.

the brand new core of design language strategy is targeted at young guys of generation z, integrating video games, quadratic elements, immersive experience and fashion sports elements to create a highly personalized digital conceptual design.

milestone has, for the first time, made an ultimate presentation of qubic design in the form of a headlight sign, where the daytime running lights at four corners employ the right-angled viewfinder design with sharp edges and corners, and the laser-engraved transparent light body gives full play to the visual effect.the smooth transition of the head shape greatly matches the interpretation of the symbolic box headlight.the lights flickered as the engine approached, recognisable and ritualistic as the code to a mysterious future.

milestone is a gran coupe with a body size of 5,000/2,000/1,400mm, the b-pillar-free split sliding door design, gesture control and sensing doorknobs, and rectangular double-framed buckle design are in full accord with the exclusive logo style of concept car.

as a core highlight of the detailed design, the wheel hub boasts its exquisite mechanical structure, which forms a striking contrast with the minimalist body modeling.besides, having borrowed from the aerodynamic principles of le mans rally, they are mutually reinforcing the performance of running posture with great sense of speed, low wind resistance, strong power and high endurance.

the body is extremely streamlined, with smooth geometric surfaces locked in the middle by front and rear box lights.the sexy body surfaces are in sharp contrast to the straight electron beams.the exterior color of the vehicle is space silver with mysterious black, full of a sense of hardcore movement and future, well integrated with the interior trim of the technology blue car machine system, so that viewers are brought to the immersive game experience of generation z, heralding the qoros' understanding of cars, i.e., transformation from the traditional sculpture texture to the digital perception in the future.

the interior design fully demonstrates the immersive interactive experience.the front seats can slide backwards and fully fit with the back seats. thanks to the holographic projection of the front window, the interior becomes a spacious and cool viewing space in an instant.the detachable handheld remote control on the steering wheel enables interactive entertainment to meet the remote operating requirements. all operations are identified by touch-free gestures, truly maximizing the sense of digital experience.

the design charm of the milestone stems from the concept of personalised design following an accurate insight and integration of the needs of generation z consumers with a unique perspective.bold and sophisticated in the family design language of qubic aesthetics, milestone is creating new natures by using a revolutionary design approach of [coded nature], presenting the beauty of simplicity and shining for consumers, and further showing the forward thinking and pioneering spirit of qoros.milestone has opened up a brand new design language strategy for the qoros brand, and qoros' future production models will be built around this new design language.

"twin star" suvs made their debut to refresh qoros' power of product

at the qoros e2 pavilion, a strong lineup of three qoros 7 models and a qoros 5s model showed the elegant product demeanor of its high-performance car series.

having returned from cctv's powerful brand with great reputation, the ark suv debuted on the international stage. while fully displaying the product charm, it will also set sail and go into the south american market.meanwhile, qoros 5s, a high-powered driving suv with the new cn95 cabin air filter, also made a stage pose.

as the first strategic model to refresh its brand, qoros 7, the ark suv, is the first production model with the qubic aesthetics design, and is masterfully refreshing the a suv value standard, thanks to its stable and elegant modelling design, sure-fire and comfortable driving control, steady and comfortable smart cockpit, and smart technology beyond expectations.

qoros 7 is equipped with two high-efficiency engines (1.6t and 1.8t), so that its power output has surpassed the mainstream models of the same class. the whole series is provided with 7dct wet dual clutch, which has faster response and is worthy of the name of "performance delegator". thanks to full-dimensional intelligent safety technology, qoros 7 provides users with rock-solid love and protection.

qoros 5s, a high-powered driving suv, is newly configured with cn95 cabin air filter, which can effectively filter the harmful substances such as bacteria, viruses, dust and droplets in the air, and fully optimize the air quality in the vehicle.

boasting the high power 1.6t engine with a reputation of "golden power combination" plus getrag third generation 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission, qoros 5s may shift gears more smoothly while outputting the surging power, so that its combined mpg is greatly reduced;with the leading banma system, users are endowed with intelligent and ultimate car experience;equipped with a five-star safety escort strategy and the cockpit environment of no harm to pregnant women, it is always escorting the safety and health of users.

as the pioneer of chinese high-end automobile brand, qoros has been respected by the industry and recognized by users for its high quality and five-star safety power of product.

at the auto china 2020, the brand new qoros 7 and 5s debuted together for the first time, manifesting the strong strength of qoros' high-performance series.

new energy strategy is accelerating, and technology strength drives the direction of future development

in response to the demand of future development, qoros exhibited the xev platform independently developed by baoneng motor group in the new energy technology exhibition area.focusing on the "new four modernizations", xev platform is highly malleable and can support the battery electric vehicle (bev), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (phev), extended range electric vehicle (rev) and other vehicles, so as to lead qoros' whole series and future product layout, and demonstrate baoneng's strategic vision of vertical integration and ecological layout for enabling the automobile industry.in the future, qoros will put into mass production in due course according to the national policy and market demand.

as planned, qoros will continue to pursue the path of "simultaneous development of oil and electricity"; starting from qoros 7, qoros will keep the pace of launching 1-2 new models every year. by 2025, qoros will fully replace vehicle models from passenger cars and suv to mpv, from conventional fuel to new energy models, and from a0 to b segment, so as to provide consumers with more comprehensive and richer product options.

at the auto china 2020, qoros has interpreted the design concept of qoros quality with a new product lineup, and explored boldly the diversified directions of future mobility with forward-looking technology, to the extent that the brand image saying "with global insights, the powerful goes far" is clearer.

(from left to right: bai zhengxian, cto of qoros and president of research institute, toshiaki otani, executive vice president of baoneng motor group, sun li, vice president of baoneng group, yajima kazuo, ceo of qoros, and gong fengyou, president assistant of baoneng motor and vice president of design of qoros)

"we believe that with our continuous inputs and efforts, qoros is bound to become the new mainstream of choice for chinese consumers." said yajima kazuo, ceo of qoros.

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