explore the beauty of yushan mountain in the regions south of the yangtze river and enjoy a date with qoros 7--qoros 7 national media meeting was held in changshu

2020-11-27latest news

see mars falling in july and dress more in august. after the end of heat, national media test drive event of qoros 7 was held in changshu and a unique tour of exploration was carried out in mountains and waters. the media teachers from across the country appreciated and experienced the product quality of ark suv qoros 7 together as well as comfortable driving and riding brought by stable performance, created wonderful vlog works in picturesque yushan mountain shang lake scenic spot, made records from various perspectives, widely shared with net friends in many forms and transferred "a date with qoros 7" to them.

changshu is the birthplace of qoros brand and also a national famous tourist city. located in the south of the lower reaches of the yangtze river, changshu always has a reputation of "the blessed place in river south" and is one of the birthplaces of wu culture. in its territory yushan mountain has a maximum elevation of 263m, surrounded mainly by alluvial plain of the yangtze river, forming an intertwined network of rivers with the city as the axis and radial towards the outskirts. due to steep mountains and densely covered rivers, the natural scenery forms its own pattern in river south. this test drive event was just held in yushan mountain shang lake scenic spot. the test drive route started from yueshanxuan hotel in changshu, went through jianmen scenic area, stretched along the road around shang lake and ended at wangyu terrace. the track of qoros 7 moved in stone scenery of yushan mountain and roamed through lovely scenes of shang lake. in the event, the experiencers not only appreciated special wonderful view in river south, but also explored the beauty of life in ordinary scenery and abandoned themselves to delicious food and nature of river south. they experienced the comfort, stability and feelings brought by qoros 7, while deeply feeling the ark love and protection as steady as a rock provided by qoros 7 for users.

moving light shadows make a sense of acuteness grow

the square design is adopted to highlight its acute style. before the yueshanxuan hotel surrounded by green mountains and rivers, the static qoros 7 projects a natural dignity and power.

originated from the design concept of "beyond the edge", qoros 7 has a new family design of qubic aesthetics, with a square and full wide body, the wave profile as well as a plump waist line and a smooth and strong, sharp and dynamic vehicle line which is extremely expressive. the formidable double-blade chrome-plated ornaments, together with windowpane straight intake grille, column array full led headlight and hockey stick taillight represent the latest design language of qoros brand.

when it ran through the winding mountain road, sunshine penetrated the lush and green mountain forests, mottled shadow fell onto moving qoros 7, and at this moment a sense of acuteness vigorously grows. especially for awe-inspiring acuteness of front headlight, qoros 7 adopts the column array full led headlight, supplemented by dynamic lightened running form turn light. three geometrically cut crystal high beam lens light caps have meticulous details, like sparkling diamonds. following the car running forward, we can see the silver light reflected from the suspension roof and aluminum alloy rack and high-mount brake light converge into dazzling radiance, which is extraordinarily striking.

indulge in mountains and waters for sweeping views

explore the secret world with a fearless vision. exploring in unknown mountain forests and relaxing your mind and enjoying the scenery on the road around the lake cannot do without a global vision. as an ark suv, qoros 7 took the spotlight in this test drive, and by virtue of comfortable technological and intelligent configuration which allows people to enjoy the whole view, took the experiencers to indulge in the mountains and rivers and be charmed with river south. benefited from a flash of the inspiration of coastline, the designer created a flexible hierarchical space for qoros 7. simple design style, matched with integrated through-type air outlet, enhances the visual extension, and together with a star-gazing panoramic sunroof, successfully creates spacious room to ride and a parallel horizon, producing luxurious and elegant driving atmosphere.

when it ran through incredible stone scenery and mountain forests in the nature, 360°panoramic system was opened to show the sweeping view of surrounding vehicle condition on 14.6 cun (1 cun=3.33cm) oversize central control panel and 12.3 cun full lcd instrument. it is worth mentioning that the full lcd instrument display is of rich content, including navigation, music and call display. more than this, adas driving assistance system and blind area image compensation display can assist the driver to be fully aware of the surroundings while driving. also, the mobile app supports remote control which can provide seat heating, air conditioner and window opening and other functions and allow the owner to get hold of the information on vehicle status at any time.

the passenger opened the sunroof to go through the haze on hillside, marveled at the precipitous peaks and mountains and took photos without restraint from time to time and frequent shutter clicks rang in the quiet car and formed a rhythm of notes. the experiencers indulged in mountains and rivers and felt a cool breeze from mountain stream water, with leisureliness and calmness in their hearts.

through the mountain forests, it was a sight that made you soothed and relaxed. distant misty waves and near green waves together with the sky formed a beautiful color. "hello, qoros, please play jasmine." the music play mode was opened by voice and a melody of river south rang. the life is so beautiful. the mr.q smart man-machine interactive system of qoros 7 has the iflytek voice control technology, highly integrating the connection of car and mobile phone, supporting android and apple devices simultaneously and achieving bidirectional operation of android phones and the central control panel.

as far as your eyes can see, views come together in an instant

when they went for jianmen to ascend such scenic areas as bawangbian, jiange, fushuiqingyan and songfeng pavillion, on zigzag mountain roads and precipitous and dangerous complicated roads, the advantages in performance of qoros 7 inheriting the german control gene showed vividly. qoros 7, with a sporty chassis architecture, enhanced optimized front mcpherson independent suspension and rear multi-link independent suspension and lvc four-stage damping control regulation, can cope with various roads, provide good comfort and give the riders unflappable comfortable experience.

use force to highlight the tough character of qoros 7. qoros 7 is equipped with two new high-efficiency energy-saving engines having valvetronic continuously variable valve lift technology and turbocharger intercooling direct injection technology, with strong power, low fuel consumption, low emission and other advantages, fully meeting china vi vehicle emission standards. the 1.6t engine has a peak torque of 280nm and a maximum rated power of 150kw. the super core provides top experience; the 1.8t engine has a peak torque of 300nm and a maximum rated power of 170kw. the golden balance point of power/economy can be realized. the whole series of vehicles is equipped with getrag seven-speed wet dual clutch transmission, with a high transmission efficiency, featuring long life, stability and durability, which further improves driving comfort and mobility.

it is worth mentioning that qoros 7 series is configured with the latest generation of zf v3 esc system, compatible with a higher level of adas. also, the qoros 7 series is configured with epb to add the automatic departure function of the drive gear and solve the trouble with keys to ensure enjoyable driving experience. in addition, qoros 7 carries 20michelin pilot sport tyres designed for luxury suv, in conjunction with luxury sports genes, combining driving pleasure with safety performance; the excellent roadholding makes the braking at dry and wet places safer.the optimized structural design enables excellent comfort and enjoyment of driving.

elegant travel with comfortable experience

wandering in the southern chinese riverside towns along the mountain, experiencers were impressed by the extreme comfort technology of qoros 7.qoros 7 is equipped with 4-in-1 space ecological seats, which are rarely seen in the same class, to create an elegant and comfortable sensory experience.

qoros 7 is designed with double hardness seats, in an effort to effectively relieve driving fatigue during the long drive.the seat back and cushion flank are set with double hardness to provide dynamic lateral support and wrapping; 20mm soft foam materials are added where the occupant is in contact with the seat to enhance the instant soft and adsorption at the sitting moment.the seat trim is sewn from nappa top layer calfskin and high-grade leather, which is teamed with qoros logo pattern to make luxury seats with soft skin touch.its rich seat adjustment function is not inferior to luxury cars and totally superior to competitive products at the same level. the driver seat supports 8-way electric adjustment with memory function, and the front passenger seat 4-way electric adjustment. both seats are equipped with the heating function, plus the massage function in the waist brace of the driver seat, which can effectively relieve the fatigue of back muscles and improve the driving & riding comfort.

       qoros 7 provides users with an enjoyable welcome system, creating a sense of exclusive travel ceremony.when the car owner approaches, the door will automatically unlock, the horn will sound a short whistle, the sidelights will flash, and the outside mirror will unfold, which may enhance the user's sense of dignity and ceremony and remove them from the trouble of manipulating keys.meantime, the driver seat improves the convenience for users to get on and off the car. when the owner flames out and opens the driver door, the driver seat will automatically move back to facilitate the owner to get off.

moreover, qoros 7 provides comprehensive cabin air quality management, including aqs (air quality system), pm2.5 filter and anion generator and cn95 cabin air filter, etc., thus realizing the further advancement of "ecological health cabin".

in addition, qoros 7 provides the wireless phone charging, induction electric tail gate and other practical technologies, as well as 24 storage spaces within the vehicle, etc., to achieve further convenience.it is worth mentioning that the panoramic sunroof realizes a variety of control modes, bringing users a comfortable car experience.the panoramic sunroof supports such control modes as physical key control, large screen control and stepless adjustment of opening position, voice control, remote control of mobile app, etc., which enhances the sense of technology while providing the convenience.

stable and comfortable, the commodious qoros 7 allows you to enjoy a pleasant journey.

with global insights, the powerful goes far.this test drive not only allows the experiencers to feel the local culture and tourism customs in changshu, but also experience more fully qoros 7 ark driving control performance, leapfrog comfort and high quality.fully enabled by baoneng group, qoros 7 has inherited the brand dna of "quality, safety and internationalization", all-round upgraded in styling, comfort, power and intelligent technology, and realized self-transcendence, thus providing rock-solid love and protection for every user with strength.

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