powerful engine qoros auto sponsors “2019 changshu international half marathon”activity

2019-10-27latest news

  on october 27, 2019, the “2019 changshu international half marathon” was held in jiangsu, where nearly 10,000 players from home and abroad participated in the activity. china independent high-end auto brand --- qoros auto, participated in this event as a sponsor with its latest model, the qoros 5s.

  "changshu half marathon" has been among the outstanding marathon events in china since its establishment. last year, it was awarded the "bronze medal event" and "the most beautiful circuit " by the :chinese athletic association last year. it has become a sports event with extensive influence in the yangtze river delta region. this year's event will take the "gold medal event" as the goal and present a marathon event with unique jiangnan characteristics for the majority of runners.

  if the changshu international half marathon is a "city card" of changshu sports culture, then the production base located in changshu is another "city card" of "smart manufacturing" in the city. the 25 units of “energy-driven suvs” of the qoros 5s form a wonderful scenery line of the arena and provide service as official designated cars.

  the marathon conveys sports and passion, and the qoros 5s lets people enjoy driving pleasure through its quality of power technology which is comparable to international standards. the qoros 5s is equipped with a golden power combination of "1.6tgdi engine getrag 7dct wet dual-clutch transmission", which outputs powerful energy while shifting more smoothly, and the overall fuel consumption is greatly reduced. banma intelligent travel system gives users an intelligent and extreme car experience.

  in addition to the orderly launch of competitive models to meet market demand, qoros auto continues to deepen its cultivation at the brand level. cooperate with sports events to inject sports genes into the brand; and the qoros 5s special edition, which will be launched early next month, will show the post-90s consumers younger brand proposition with stunning appearance.

  gong fengyou, the first chinese designer of the psa (citroen) and design director of the asian r & d center, recently joined as president assistant of baoneng automobile and vice president of qoros auto designer. he is responsible for styling and design. mr. gong fengyou said that he will work to make qoros a "design-driven" brand and bring breakthrough innovation to qoros.

  by the end of 2017, the strategic investment of baoneng group, qoros auto entered a new stage of development. qoros auto undertakes the continuous empowerment of the resources of each business unit of the group, consolidates the foundation of the system, strengthens product research and development, and improves business capabilities, and strives to build a first-class automobile brand in china.

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