lights up! qoros auto names "southern bird's nest" is comparable to mercedes benz, cadillac center

2019-09-30latest news

  on the eve of the national day holiday, some citizens of huangpu district, guangzhou city successively discovered that the iconic building in the area, "baoneng international arts center", had been renovated and has been quietly renamed. the new name is "guangzhou baoneng qoros cultural center". it is reported that the venue belongs to baoneng group, and qoros auto is also a car brand of baoneng group. this rename behavior means that qoros auto has become the title party of this venue, which is known as the "southern bird's nest". subsequently, the two parties also held a formal title release event.

  “guangzhou baoneng qoros cultural center” is located in luogang, huangpu district, guangzhou. it was the main stadium for the 16th asian games basketball game. the total area of the museum is 65,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 120,000 square meters. there are 18,000 auditoriums, 60 luxury vip rooms, and 1270 parking spaces. 

  designed by the american manicaarchitecture architectural design studio and deepened by the guangzhou design institute. the architecture enjoys the reputation of "southern bird's nest"

  the naming is an attempt by qoros to further its proposition of a younger brand after the proposition of "new era china’s  high-end brand" in 2018. the venue is a large-scale venue in china that integrates sports and performing arts has hosted top-level cultural performances such as the hunan tv’s new year's eve concert, jay chou's concert, and the lpl final, the well-known e-sports events attract a large number of young ethnic groups to watch live and multi-channel attention.

 qoros auto will also display automotive products, brands and culture in the venue, and promote the venue to become an automotive brand cultural experience center comparable to shanghai mercedes-benz cultural center and beijing cadillac center. it is a common practice for high-end auto brands to create a converged brand experience center by cooperating with the sports and performing arts venues. in addition to the domestic shanghai mercedes-benz cultural center and beijing cadillac center, it is also known as the "toyota center arena" in houston, usa, and oklahoma "ford center arena".

  at the end of 2017, after baoneng group strategically invested in qoros auto, it not only continued to inject funds to support the development of qoros auto, but also actively used the resources of its other business sectors to multi-dimensionally empower qoros. the sports performance center under this title was named by qoros, becoming the latest masterpiece of baoneng group to provide synergies for qoros auto.

  with the support of baoneng group, qoros auto continues to explore brand renewal. from the launch of the qoros 5 alios version in 2018, the first time the banma intelligent system was equipped, to this year the qoros 5s strengthens the power enhancement, which is based on the brand-value experience that enhances the user’s driving pleasure and technological convenience.

  it is reported that in order to present a gift to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the nation, in october, qoros auto will also release a special edition of qoros 5s --- "china red". the design language of the battle gray is full painted the car body, the red and gray contrasting colors is more eye-catching, conveying a more sporty visual experience. the new suv model scheduled to be released in next year, and will be based on a new platform and design language, and its products will be targeted at young user groups. this series of product launch paths can be seen as a response to the rejuvenation of the car brand and the connotation of youthfulness.

  according to the relevant person in charge of qoros auto, driven by the “mile plan” and “parallel power and electricity” dual engine drive strategy, qoros auto’s product line will be further expanded in the next 3 to 5 years, covering cars, suvs and mpvs. at the brand level, qoros will support the aggregate experience matrix such as guangzhou baoneng qoros cultural center, adhere to the high-end positioning, inject young fashion elements, practice the brand upwards, and strive to build china's first-class auto brand.

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