international quality green first qoros auto won two environmental protection awards at surcar

2016-09-22latest news

  [september 22, 2016] recently, at the 2016 international automotive painting symposium (surcar) held in shanghai, qoros auto’s painting workshop was awarded two surcar environments protection award, for its zirconization pretreatment process and dry spray booth. the award judges highly appreciates the persistence and achievements of qoros auto for quality and the unremitting efforts to create an energy-saving, efficient and sustainable coating process.

  founded in 1964, the international automotive coatings symposium (surcar) has focused on the automotive body coatings industry for 50 years, attracting authoritative experts and decision makers from the automotive body coatings industry. at the same time, surcar holds an award ceremony every two years , aims to reward the most innovative solutions in the field of automotive coatings, strengthen the connection between various oems and suppliers in the field of coatings, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of coatings technology. this year's conference features four independent themed seminars and awards, namely the environmental protection award, the customer-oriented quality achievement award, the workshop, process lean design award, and the startup and commissioning award.

  the award-winning pre-zirconation pretreatment of qoros auto coating workshop is a process innovation that replaces traditional pre-phosphorization pre-treatment. it is also called thin-film pre-treatment, which has huge environmental and economic benefits. it replaces the traditional phosphating layer by forming a 40 ~ 200nm zirconia-containing coating on the body surface. compared with the traditional pretreatment process, the zirconization pretreatment is performed at normal temperature, and the bath does not need additional heating. discharge of heavy metals, waste, and waste water has dropped dramatically, saving valuable water resources and reducing waste disposal costs. since no metering and passivation is required, the process and equipment investment is also reduced. the operating costs includes water, electricity, natural gas, and chemicals have been reduced.

  dry-spin works by using lime powder instead of wet water curtains to filter paint mist. the lime powder can capture overspray paint and send it to the filter unit. when the air passes through the filtering device and enters the exhaust system, the powder mixed with paint remains on the filtering device. this process saves water resources and does not require additional waste water treatment and discharge. the air in the spray booth can be recycled after simple cooling and humidification, which greatly reduces the fresh air demand of the spray booth. through the use of dry spray booths, energy consumption is significantly reduced, and the operating costs of the workshop can be greatly reduced. at the same time, emissions of volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, and fine particles can be greatly reduced. the investment cost of the workshop is also greatly reduced due to the compact layout and modular application of the dry spray booth.

  environmental protection and sustainable development are the social responsibilities of every outstanding corporate citizen. as a young car company founded in china with world-leading standards, qoros auto has been committed to creating a green, environmentally-friendly, quality-first, and technologically innovative manufacturing workshop. in the future, qoros will continue to be at the forefront of technology. through continuous improvement and innovation of processes and equipment, it will continue to achieve greenness and quality.

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