won the red dot design award again qoros automotive completes european design award grand slam

2016-07-18latest news

  for almost a month, qoros has won many awards: not only won four individual design awards at the german brand award 2016 and the automotive brand contest 2016, but also won two consecutive awards recently in the the red dot design award, known as the "international academy of industrial design". among them, the qoros 2 suv plug-in hybrid concept car won the 2016 red dot design award design concept award, and the qoros 3 city suv won the 2016 red dot design award honor award. this is after the year 2014 when qoros 3 five-door edition won the red dot design award honorary award, qoros auto once again stood on the everest of world design.

  the qoros 2 suv plug-in hybrid concept car, which was awarded the red dot design award design concept award, is a bold design idea for a compact suv by qoros. it combines the design features of off-road suvs with the lines of a coupe with a radical and outstanding design style, and integrates chinese and western elements. for example, the azure body is inspired by ruyao porcelain in the song dynasty of china.

  the vertical layout appears for the first time in the design language of the qoros 2 suv plug-in hybrid concept car, such as the vertically arranged headlights and taillights. the open v-shaped front design brings a rougher and more masculine atmosphere to the concept car. the well-designed small air inlets under the sides of the front bumper can introduce airflow to cool the front brake disc. the smooth roof contour line and high waistline create a rich and elegant sense. with the rear spoiler and rear splitter of the roof, it improves aerodynamic performance.

  in addition to its stunning appearance, the qoros 2 suv plug-in hybrid concept car is equipped with the industry's leading qoros yiyun® system, adopted leading plug-in hybrid technology and unique charging technology, and has a four-wheel drive mode. its appearance demonstrates the diversity of design, technology and product expansion strategies of the qoros brand in the future.

  the qoros 3 city suv, which won the red dot design award, is a well-known mass-produced model that uses the qoros family-style simple design language. the smooth body contour is matched with huge wheel arches, high-quality aluminum alloy wheels and high-spec german horse tires, together adding a stylish urban sports style to the qoros 3 city suv.

  as one of the three major design awards in the world, the red dot design award was founded by the german design association and has a history of more than 60 years. it aims to recognize the competition through product design, communication design and design concepts. achievements in automotive, architecture, home, electronics, fashion, life sciences, and medicine. the award attracts tens of thousands of entries from more than 70 countries each year.

  from the german if design award, the german brand design award, the auto brand competition, to the red dot design award, the young qoros brand has completed the extraordinary achievement of a major grand slam design award in the european automotive industry. just like qoros auto’s assurance of providing consumers with world-class quality, elegant, simple and durable design is also a long-term commitment of qoros auto to consumers. the soul of qoros design surpasses the present, experience, and skills, but is more about ingenuity and ingenuity, the integration of different cultures, and insights into the future and eternal beauty. this insistence on design is not only recognized by design experts and judges, but also more popular among ordinary consumers. it has become the unique charm of qoros brand

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