trends change styles last qoros won 4 single awards in two major international design competitions

2016-07-11latest news

  [july 11, 2016] yesterday, the results of the 2016 automotive brand contest organized by the german design commission were officially announced. qoros won three design awards, and once again proved its extraordinary design strength to the world. among them, the qoros 5 suv, the first suv model of qoros, won the "gold design award" for the mass-produced car group; and two concept models debuted this year, the qoros 5 suv q •lectriq pure electric concept car and the qamfree concept car for the 3 city suv won the "design gold award" for the concept car group.

  as an independent style dynamic suv, the qoros 5 suv is very european-style, and its muscular design is impressive. a streamlined roof, a large-angle forward forward windshield, a rounded rear curve, a raised window sill line and a sharp and deep waist line. these coupe exclusive lines are combined together, and the full surface is full of tension, letting the mid-level suv have a "sexy" muscle. the chrome-plated air grille, front air intakes and circular fog lights echoing the upper and lower elements bring a balance of power and dynamics to the front face of the car.

  the qoros 5 suv q•lectriq pure electric concept car adds a brand-new technology model to the original “sexy” qoros 5 suv body. the vibrant mint green contrasts with the calm silver body, and has become the exclusive unified design language for qoros pure electric models. in 2017, mass-produced electric vehicles based on this electric concept car design will be introduced to consumers.

  the distinctive details and strong appearance are also reflected in the body of the qoros 3 urban suv qamfree concept vehicle. the designer made a high-performance new interpretation of the iconic design language of qoros. the vehicle is equipped with a qamfree engine that subverts the traditional, which represents the latest achievements of qoros in the research and development of power systems, and also symbolizes the richness of visionary and innovative spirit of qoros auto.

  the automotive brand contest is hosted by the german design association with a long history of 60 years. as the only international design competition open to auto brands only, it has become an annual event in the automotive industry. the 2016 auto brand contest has 11 awards, including the enterprise publishing award, the appearance award for mass production models, etc., covering various aspects such as vehicle design, brand design, and connected technology, in order to recognize the automotive industry's product and communication efforts, and outstanding contribution companies. the winners of each award are judged by an independent expert group. the members of the jury are mostly outstanding people from different fields such as media, design, brand communication, universities and societies. in addition to qoros, other well-known international brands such as mercedes-benz, audi, porsche, and volkswagen can be seen in the competition for other awards.

  in addition, in another internationally renowned award announced in june --- german brand award 2016, the brand logo design of qoros won the "industry brand excellence award". this award is co-sponsored by the german brand institute and the german design council. it aims to recognize global pioneering brands, sustainable brand concepts and brand manufacturers.

  since the day of its establishment, qoros auto has always insisted on car manufacturing and is committed to providing consumers with exquisite and world-class products. pursue the ultimate in design and keep improving in quality. this is the award-winning secret of qoros auto in various international design awards. it also makes it a famous name in the global automotive design field on behalf of chinese automotive brands.

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