new suv, qoros 7, a positioning

2020-04-17latest news

we officially announced that the new suv model of qoros was named qoros 7. this model will be launched in the second half of 2020,which is better than the existing “qoros 5” and “qoros 3” in terms of styling, interior decoration and configuration.


the styling design of qoros 7 revolves around the characteristics of youth, energy and power that chinese consumers pay attention to. 


with a length of 4679mm, a width of 1897mm and a height of 1679mm, a wheelbase reaches a leap of 2720mm, qoros 7’s size exceeds the mainstream compact suv and is close to a medium-size suv.


qoros 7 will be equipped with new 1.6t and 1.8t engines with power parameters of 150kw/280nm and 170kw/300nm respectively, to provide users with different power preferences to meet their needs. 


the front face of qoros 7 inherits the design language of qoros mile ii, the concept car introduced at 2019 auto show. the lights and l-shaped three-dimensional ornaments together form a square outline, which echoes the overall design of qoros 7.

qoros 7 retains only a lower waistline, while adds a suspension roof design, together with diamond cut wheels equipped with 20-inch tires, making qoros 7 more fashionable. 

for more product information, please pay attention to the official website of qoros auto.

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